Someone once called me "King of the Steam". At first it made me laugh, but then I started thinking... 

The beginning of my story started at a desk in a bank in the middle of the desert. I was working a mundane nine to five to support my infant son and newly wedded wife, while living with my parents.  After spending all week crunching numbers, I found my escape in photography! A simple hobby quickly turned into what I now believe is the calling of my life. So I decided to kick my corporate job to the curb and begin to capture intimate memories for a living.  

What makes me "King of the steam",  you ask.  It is my willingness to try new things, my unapologetic approach to the human body, and my ability to inspire vulnerability. Human connection is where my creativity gets its steam and that's why they call me the King.

I am inspired by the 90's and I love the freedom, spunk, spontaneity and personality embraced by that era, which can be seen in my work!