I want to be represented as an idea. the same idea i had when my english teacher laughed at me telling me to pick another career. “you’ll never make it as an artist.”

the same idea that family, friends, co-workers told me, “play it safe. that idea seems too crazy.” or “good luck with that dream.”

does this all ring a bell or trigger something you’ve dealt with? do me a favor, look down at your hands. bring down all your fingers minus your middle finger. That’s sign language for “FUNK you!” you’re welcome. Remember this. study this.

it’s saying funk you to all the disbelievers. Funk you to the haters. even saying funk you to yourself. maybe not literally but saying funk you to all the comparison that goes on in your head. comparison will kill your creativity! funk you to that fear that is holding you back.if it is important enough to you, you will find a way. If it is not, you will find an excuse.

That is why funk you workshop was made. an experience that will challenge you creatively + bring out the greatest funkin’ badass version of you! A workshop that will help you find your voice in this industry. time to yell, “FUNK YOU!!!