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Oct. 16-18, 2018


Sisters, OR

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What the funk it is? Are you in that mindset of not giving a funk about what anybody thinks about you or your work? Tired of people telling you to do this or do that and you've had enough and just want to say FUNK YOU?! That's exactly what Funk you Workshop is all about. It's saying Funk You to those who don't believe in you, to those creative funks we go through during burnouts and just want to yell Funk You to the world, and most importantly; a huge funking thank you to trusting your gut and creating from what drives you! 

You're an artist, damn it! CREATE! Do whatever it takes to create for yourself! 

Expect long hugs, tissues for all our tears, and photos like you've never seen before. 


Reader're in for a scare. 






What's up Funkers! My name is Chuy and I came up with the series of the Funk You Workshop. I couldn't do it alone. Below you will find the creatives who helped shape what makes me not give a funk about anyone but my work and the reasoning behind it. 

I am so stoked you're here ready to not give a funk about what others think and start giving a funk about yourself and your passion. 


Henry Tieu 


My name is Henry and I am a wedding and elopement photographer based out of Seattle, WA. I am also a friend, a husband, and a father of 3 little fur babies.

My photography style is intimate, raw, wild, and free-spirited. I am 100% transparent to my clients which allows me to capture the real beauty they bring into my life instead of the distorted view of beauty that social media can mask.

I hope to meet you guys to soon to share with you more about how I capture emotion and tell stories via photography.


Melissa Rey 



I am the Unapologetically Melissa Rey! My passion for creating comes alive from post production! I aim to be different, heck I am different and that's okay because you should too. Don't ever apologize to anyone for who you are and why you make your creative decisions. Let's funkin' create magic, yo!


Kati Hoy


I aim to create a space for my couples to be their true imperfect selves together; allowing me the opportunity to photograph raw but real moments between them. 

Traveling has granted me the ability to connect with and work with people in love, that not only share a bond but that are excited to capture it, in whatever way is most authentic to them.


Vinn Brooks



Hey Everyone! My name is Vinn, I spend most of the year opening coffee shops and restaurants for business owners by creating and enhancing brand concepts, strengthening visual aesthetics on & offline and building a sustainable & emotionally healthy teams! I’m so stoked to be joining you all as we’ll journey through identifying  and clarifying our core values. in addition, we will dive DEEP into what love & intimacy looks like in our lives, and how effectively complete a SOSTAC Evaluation for you’re brand! Looking forward to a funkin’ good time!




Check it:

$500 Non-Refundable Deposit

Payment 1 due Sept. 1st. ($500)

Payment 2 due Oct. 1st ($500) 


Want to pay in full or sign up with a buddy? FUNK YEAH! Do so and receive $150 off! 

*Deposits + Payments are non-refundable. Transferable only!




Yo, What's included? 

-2 night/ 3 day Stay

-3 Full Halloween Inspired Styled Shoots

-Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner during the days of the workshop (plus all the snacks and CANDY you can handle throughout the day)

-All the Workshop/ Presentations

-1:1 Mentoring Sessions from Instructors

-Q + A panel with all the instructors

-Halloween Costume Party/Contest/Prizes -yass, bitch! 



Our Funk Palace 


Nearest Airport: Roberts Field, Redmond, OR 

(25 minutes from Funk Palace)

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